How to Open a Gate with a Cell Phone

All of us have a cell phone. We use it to receive calls, send text messages and make calls. But we are not aware of the power that this device has. It can be used to open gates, but it is also used for many other purposes like making payments, sending files etc.

How to Open a Gate with a Cell Phone

The first step to opening a gate with a cell phone is to get the phone out of your pocket, unlock it and turn it on.

The second step is to look for a specific location where you can use the phone.

Once you have found that location, you are ready to start using your cell phone in order to open the gate.

how to open apartment gate without remote

setting up automated gates

to have access to a designated gate that you would like to control you have to set up a connection from your phone to the gate.

This is a setup by various ways, the first one is using Wifi or bluetooth, meaning once you get closer to the gate you can either make a phone call to the gate or press a button (using a designated App).

Another and more sophisticated way is using a chip on your phone that communicates with the gate and once the phone with the chip is close enough the gate will be automatically opened up.

every way should be accepted by every one that is supposed to use that technology or your can find a company that allows you various ways on one phone.


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